Winter garden is a dream location in the Mystical castle.


Area Unlock
open the dream Magic portal:
4000 Royal gold.png Royal gold + Lv54
entire area already unlocked


Before - a map full of mists.

Winter garden before map.jpg

With all the areas unlocked

Winter garden unlocked map.jpg

Unlocking the Map

The map is unlocked in stages, as you find and completely remove a specific resource (with no clues provided as to which).

Map with area locking resources marked:

(Click to enlarge)

Descriptions of resources to unlock areas:

This map shows the approximate stages:

Winter garden locked areas map.jpg

Rough text map of lock area numbering:

 I  J  N
E   J  N 
A  F  K
 B  G  L
  C  H 

Area A

  • Clear tree (green leaves) in area B to the right of rock/tree grouping in middle

Area B

  • Clear Lliana next to chest in area F

Area C

  • Clear the Geraniums highlighted by the quest

Area D

  • Clear the Large Rock at the top right just at the bottom of a triangle of crude nephrite in area C

Area E

  • Clear the Crude Lazurlite on the left edge of area A

Area F

  • Clear Azure flowers below rock in area G

Area G

  • Clear Pink Silk flowers right of Camomile in K

Area H

  • Clear the Rose with Thorns at the bottom

Area I

  • Clear the medium Spruce in area E

Area J

  • Clear (rare plant) Weed at top of area I

Area K

  • Clear the Tree (covered by mist) next to (left) a small dry tree at the left of the area L - left of the garden flower decoration (pink flowers on white frame)

Area L

  • Clear the Pine at the left of the area H next to the blue flower and cross the red silk flower (partially covered by mist)

Area M

  • Clear the rightmost Lunar flower in area J

Area N

  • Clear young willow underlying the small dry tree in area M, just above the lunar flowers in area J


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