The Wonderer (or Wanderer's Hut) is a (production) structure. It enables travel to dream locations in the Valley of Watery Mists.

In-game description: "He will take you on adventures."


Materials Reward
Wanderer hut stage1.png
Stage 1
3 Yellow paint, 5 Pickaxe, 3 Red paint
/9+10+6 Lunar crystal.png
100 Experience.png,
1000 Coin.png
Wanderer hut stage2.png
Stage 2
25 Gloves, 2 Tile, 60 Brushwood
/16+4+27 Lunar crystal.png
200 Experience.png,
1000 Coin.png
Wanderer hut stage3.png
Stage 3
2 Saw, 25 Fire, 25 Strength
/6+16+50 Lunar crystal.png
300 Experience.png,
1000 Coin.png

Available in dream locations: Main dream


Quests using the structure


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