Dear Dreamers,

in the spirit of friendship and cooperation I'd like to think I'm a good dreaming friend therefore I just wanted to say that;


I'm more than happy to fill in your fill-in-structures to give you a hand completing a quest or getting access to that next Dream, If you're a friend drop me a line and let me know where you need help and I'll do what I can. If you're not a friend drop a line on this 'blog and I'll send you a friend request, I still have a few spots before I hit the friend limit and have to start pruning those friends who don't play anymore.

A couple of points though;

if the fill structure just needs guest fantasy to fill, that's easy, but I may not visit you everyday as I have a rotating list of people I'm helping out,

if the fill structure needs specific items to fill, you'll need to send them to me (except for the Snowman, as the basic fill item for that is a free gift so I can source that easily), and I'll fill with whatever you send me and let you know when I've done it via an in-game message. 

If the item to be filled is part of a timed quest, please let me know and I'll prioritise filling for you.


I'm happy to respond to asks for specific items, the best ones I'll be able to help with tend to be ones I have a functional decoration for and therefore am getting the item on a regular basis. Check my main dream to see what decorations I have and drop me a request and I'll send what I have spare. Hopefuly your request won't come directly after someone else's for the same item :)

Quest completion

Sometimes a quest will ask you to gift a friend with something you really need yourself, but you want to move ahead in the questline. I'm more than content to boomerang back to you whatever you send to me in order for you to complete the quest without losing the item, as always just drop a line and let me know.

A guest fantasy or a log is usually the message tool, but happy for you to send a message using whatever free gift I've got on my gift request (I always have at least one).

Note on all of the above, it would be good if I could also rely on my friends to do the above for me on occasion too :)



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