Mostly ported and adapted from my KnB wiki.

Page templates (copypaste source code for articles):

(integrated in the above page designs)

Icon templates:


This wiki's regular language is English. Translations of terms in the various language versions can be added to articles with and in the translation template.

Spelling and capitalisation for page-names are game-conform, with exceptions, e.g. an obvious atrocious spelling error/typo is involved.

Page layouts can be found in the template section above and their source text copy-pasted into articles.


As for image file names, the style I have been using is all in lowercase, no special characters. (i.e. "File:Tester's example imagename 10.png" instead of "File:Tester's example ImageName 10%.png") Image size for most files, e.g. items, structure icons, etc is 120x120; dream icons and quest icons are 90x90. (Copying items from game works best from the gifting-from-inventory menu bc of the solid color background.)


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