Sweet tooth glade is a dream location in the Polar lands.


Area Unlock
open the dream Sleigh:
2 Chocolate cake + 82000 Coin.png + 4 Pancakes with strawberries + 3 Hot chocolate + Lv28
entire area already unlocked


Structures present in this dream are:


Sweet tooth glade map.jpg

Sweet Tooth Glade

On first arrival in Sweet tooth glade, you will notice a couple of differences to the map compared to any other in Dreamfields, notably the 'Crystal Rocks' seen on the image which, when mined with fireworks will provide you with crystal ice. There are some chests lying around which you will want to collect simply by requesting keys from your neighbours. If you look around the map you will also see a buried building, which turns out to be the 'Polar cabin' and will generate income for you if completed. 

You will be asked to build the Sweet tooth house for the mission Sweet Tooth House upon entering the Sweet Tooth Glade. Once completed you will have a nice little hut accompanied by smiling gingerbread men, in which you can make tasty treats to help you with further missions in the Sweet Tooth Glade

Once you have spent some time baking delicious treats in the Sweet Tooth House, the forest spirit will point out that the bears have discovered footprints in the snow (which you will be able to see when you first arrive to this snowy Dreamfields map). You are then told to follow them, which will involve travelling to The Hermit Lowland, another Dream within the Polar Lands Map of Dreamfields, though you will need to be Level 26 to do so. 


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