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Structures in the game can be distinguished into the general groups of Production, Income, and Decoration.

Production structures

Production structures allow you to craft Items. Some are found when you enter specific dreams, but most you buy from the shop. Structures can not be moved from a dream once you've placed them, so be careful about which dream you place them in the Main dream in particular can get very crowded. However some structures are linked to a particular Dream location can cannot be built anywhere else.

see also Category:Production structures

General structures:

Valley of Watery Mists structures:

Polar lands structures:

Caves structures:

Desert structures:

Underwater world structures:

Mystic castle structures:

Tropics structures:

Mountains structures:

Fairy tales structures:

Middle-earth structures:

Carnival structures:

Helper structures

These structures provide the player with assistance; e.g. they enable bulk productions or collect items or income automatically.

Worker structures

These structures are for workers to labor in, to collect resources. See Category:Worker structures.

Housing and storage:

Work locations:

Travel structures

These structures enable travel, i.e. they open dream regions, dream locations, or dream areas. See Category:Travel structures.

Fill-with-items structures

These structures are built, and then filled with items by a player's friends or the player. Levelling up their stages gives rewards, and (universal or not?) at the end they are turned into a simple nonfunctional decoration; the final reward. Most structures are available for purchase for only a limited time.

Event structures

These structures are part of events, usually temporary and nonfunctional after the event. See Category:Event structures.

Misc/Unsorted structures

Income structures

see also Category:Income structures

Trade structures

These structures are traders. See Category:Trade structures.

Roulette/Chance structures

Decoration structures

see also Category:Decorations