The Space Portal is a travel structure. It allows to travel to the Far Galaxies region.

There is a construction limit of 1 Space portal.

In-game description: "Once filled, shows the way to another Dream."


No construction required.

Stage Fill items
Stage 1 Cosmic energy (Stars item).png
Cosmic energy (Stars item)
5 points
Space element.png
Space element
10 points
Particle of space.png
Particle of space
20 points
10 Lunar crystal.png
Space compass.png
Space compass
30 points

Available in dream locations: Green clearing


There is 1 stages for completion of the Space portal.

Stage Reward
Stage 1
0 - 500 points
5 Dagger
1500 Experience
Marvellous broom.png
5 Marvellous broom

Once the Space portal is complete it allows travel to a new Dream region.

Quests using the structure


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