The School is a structure. It allows trade.

In-game description: "Here you can get experience and other useful things in exchange for necessary school items"


Materials Reward
School stage1
Stage 1
20 Sand, 23 Boards, 16 Tile
/40+46+32 Lunar crystal
10 Experience,
1000 Coin
School stage2
Stage 2
18 Clay, 25 Hammer, 60 Stone
/36+50+27 Lunar crystal
45 Experience,
3000 Coin
School stage3
Stage 3
12 Nails, 6 Doorknob (Smithy item), 8 Window
/36+12+16 Lunar crystal
65 Experience,
5000 Coin

Available in dream locations: Main dream


Like the Trade Shop, the School allows you to trade items for currency, xp, fantasy, collection items and other random manufactured items. Offers can be refused, and the school will make a new offer after a cooldown period.

Quests using the structure