Santa's residence is a dream location in the Polar lands. However unlike standard dream locations Santa's residence is a mini-game only. The player cannot access their menu, place any items or collect any resources.

As of January 2019 this dream location has been removed.


Area Unlock
open the dream Sleigh:
10000 Experience.png + Lv6
entire area already unlocked


Structures present in this dream are:

  • Santa's residence - mini-game access.


Santa's residence game map.PNG


Santa's residence allows the player to access a game in which a team of elves battle against oncoming waves of Grinches, very similar to the Plants vs. Zombie gameplay style.

Each level requires an increasing amount of Ice bells to access, and there are 26 levels of battle with most awarding a bronze chest containing a mix of items and currency. Additionally decorations or structures are awarded at certain levels.

Level Reward
5 Bear reindeer
10 Piglet sweet tooth
15 Bear skier
20 Fairytale reindeer
25 Magic Smithy
All other


Bronze Santa chest.png


see also Santa's residence questline

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