Rocky Valley is a dream location in the Valley of Watery Mists.


Rocky valley.png
Area Unlock
open the dream Wanderer's Hut:
4 Part of a map + 12 Lantern + 1 Lighthouse + 2 Longevity potion + Lv37
Lazurite Land 1 Shine + 1 Part of a map + 2 Hot chocolate / or 35 Lunar crystal.png
Secret Sanctuary 1 Magic herbs + 15 Luck + 3 Ruby / or 35 Lunar crystal.png
Nephrite Plateau 25 Luck + 6 Lantern + 2 Fruit salad / or 35 Lunar crystal.png


Structures present in this dream are:


Rocky Valley 2 .png

When you arrive at the Rocky Valley you will be told that you need to collect Nephrite and Lazurite with the help of fireworks. Don't be confused, this is Dreamfields after all, anything is possible. The fireworks in Dreamfields have the special ability of collecting resources from things in their radius of explosion and gifting them to you at once so that you don't have to do any of the work.

After exploding the first bag of fireworks which is there upon your arrival you will need to set about building the inventors factory as it is here where you will make more fireworks to assist you. Although the regular Fireworks are useful in the Rocky Valley for collecting the resources required, to speed things up you may want to buy some of the better fireworks which are available in the store such as the colourful and golden fireworks.

Collecting all of these minerals is key to completing the focal point of the Rocky Valley, |the Altar . You will be required to finish and activate 3 obelisks before completing the alter, all of which require a small amount of a certain mineral although they will take a considerable amount of time to activate given the sheer amount of ingredients required which you must request from your friends or purchase for lunar crystals

Both the Lazurite Land and Nephrite Plateau will need to be accessed in order to make the most of their ample resources. For the Nephrite Plateau an ancient bridge will require construction. You will also need to construct a Stonecrafter's house , it is here that you can process all those minerals for use in activating the obelisks. Restoring the mystical altar will restore its power and open the gateway to the Mysterious city .


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