Chapter 3 - The Return

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All seemed well and magical in the girls world again, however world of dreams had troubles of its own. The girl had been gone for so long, that everything fell into disuse. There was no time to waste, something needed to be done to restore this magical land to its former glory. They all began creating Living fantasies! To clear out the forest margin, the girl and her friends immediately began gathering brushwood and other resources. It's a good thing there's a well near by, so all forest dwellers who come to visit the girl won't be thirsty. The Forest Spirit and the Lantern Spirit 


restored the Kitchen and collected raspberries which would be used to make the jam that the bears need to help out with all of the work that needed doing. 



The work continued, and as a team they made more and more progress. Then one day, they discovered a magical chest that had been sealed for longer than anyone could remember. The time had come for the chest to finally be opened, but none of the creatures or the girl could have imagined what they might find inside. Upon opening the chest, they revealed great treasures and goodies. After that life in the forest could gradually return to normal. 

Chest box

Lunar crystal bag illus

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