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Quests are posed to the player, the completing of which rewards them with experience, currency, and items.

The Journal of quests shows the progress of various questlines.

Some quests and questlines are time-limited or temporary; they can be found in Category:Temporary questlines & Category: Time Limited

Daily quests are timed quests that are posed and renewed each day at 8 pm GMT, and have to be completed within 24 hours. They reward diamonds, among other things. Daily quests are broken into three sections, each of which has three tasks and completing each section awards increasingly higher extra diamonds and fantasy rewards, as well as the chance of + fantasy packs.

Some of the tasks can be completed in a manner not intended in their literal descriptions, for instance collecting Cave pearls from the Wishing Well can be accomplished by exchanging the Landmarks Collection instead, gathering any of the crystals from the Crystal cliff (Pyrope, Chromdravite, etc.) can be achieved by receiving the crystal in question from a friend's fill-in or income structure that rewards it.


Geographic questlines

Questlines centered around dream regions.

Theme questlines

Questlines from thematic events etc.

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