The Portal to Middle-earth is a travel structure. It opens the way to a new Dream.

In-game description: "Will show the way into another Dream"


Materials Reward
Portal to middle-earth stage1.png
Stage 1
5 Magic power, 15 Porphyry, 15 Tempered brick
/125+150+135 Lunar crystal.png
1500 Experience.png,
150 Coin.png
Portal to middle-earth stage2.png
Stage 2
5 Magic droplet, 5 Magic light (Middle-earth item), 7 Stone block (Sculptor's house item)
/125+na+91 Lunar crystal.png
2500 Experience.png,
250 Coin.png
Portal to middle-earth stage3.png
Stage 3
6 Amulet (Foreteller's hut item), 6 Rays of light, 6 Column (Sculptor's house item)
/180+180+108 Lunar crystal.png
5000 Experience.png,
500 Coin.png

Available in dream locations: Main dream


It opens the way to the dream Middle-earth

Quests using the structure


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