Polar lands

Quests about and in the Polar lands.

Polar land questline

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Quests about and in the dream Polar land.

Quests from Update: Polar land.

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Lantern Spirit: Cold winds raged...
Cold wind blew from the snowy valleys. He carried a holiday atmosphere and winter mood.

  1. Waiting for holidays
  2. Construct the Sleigh (quest)
  3. Magic Sleigh
  4. Polar land
  5. Nosy Penguin
  6. Peanut butter
  7. White fluffy
  8. Northern light
  9. Toy Factory
  10. Holiday decorations
  11. Parcel for Polar Post Office
  12. Receive Presents from your friend
  13. Polar Post Office
  14. Snowy atmosphere
  15. Winter collection

New Year questline

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Quests from Update: New Year.

  1. Snow-white
  2. Bells
  3. Extra income
  4. It's hard for the Bears to find raspberries
  5. Winter production
  6. Below Zero
  7. Presents boxes
  8. It's not easy to be alone
  9. Guest income
  10. Collections boom

Sweet tooth glade questline

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Quests about and in the dream Sweet tooth glade.

Quests from Update: Sweet-tooth.

Illus cub.png

Cub: One more challenge
The bears followed an Owl in the Polar Land and suddenly came up to a wonderful glade, where they found somebody's huge footprints. Go there and feast eyes on a landscape, and also try to find the stranger. Who knows what he intends.

  1. Sweet tooth glade
  2. The icy cabin
  3. Inventor's help
  4. Crystal ice
  5. Sweet decorations
  6. Sweet income
  7. Polar bears
  8. Polar collections
  9. Sweet tooth house
  10. Trade Guild
  11. Flying Snowflakes
  12. Sweet supplies
  13. Icing
  14. Gingerbread life
  15. Sweet tooth bevy

Hermit questline

Hermit update logo.png

Quests about and in the dream Hermit Lowland.

Quests from Update: Hermit.

Illus forest spirit.png

Forest Spirit: Mysterious footprints
Walking around the Sweet tooth glade the bears came across some big strange footprints. They decided to find out where they are leading, and followed them.

Illus forest spirit.png

Forest Spirit: What did the bears find
The footprints led to a small snow-covered meadow with a small house. Is it the place where the Sweet Tooth lives now? Why did he leave his house?

  1. Let's go! (Previously called Hit the road!)
  2. Major clear-out
  3. Fireworks
  4. Household assistance
  5. Fair trade
  6. It is snowing!
  7. More diamonds!
  8. Required materials
  9. Northern light
  10. Hermitage
  11. A little bit of chemistry
  12. Watch your eyes!
  13. Keep on building
  14. Profitable building
  15. Ice is beautiful
  16. Collect and change!
  17. It's good to visit friends
  18. And what about the beavers?
  19. Don't let the bears get bored

Candy land questline

Candy land update logo.png

Quests about and in the dream Candy land.

Quests from Update: Candy land.

  1. The way to the Candy land
  2. Sweet abundance
  3. Perfect confectionery
  4. Chocolate walls
  5. Perfect building material
  6. Castor sugar
  7. Favorite treat
  8. Creamy delight
  9. Chocolate fountain
  10. Peppermint fresh
  11. Jelly river
  12. Fluffy baking

Snowy field questline

Snowy field update logo.png

Quests about and in the dream Snowy field.

Quests from Update: Snowy field.

Illus lantern spirit.png

Lantern Spirit: Sweet journeys
Bears really liked Candy land and they decided to stay here for a little bit longer, exploring local customs and creating new recipes of sweets. Visit them, they will be glad to treat you with some sweets and tell you a new story.

  1. Snow-covered path
  2. Ice house
  3. Northern money
  4. Something white among the snow
  5. Snow friend
  6. Winter berry
  7. Sweet soda
  8. Frosted cranberry
  9. Snowy helpers
  10. Christmas flowers
  11. Ice buildings
  12. Winter star
  13. Crystal flowers
  14. Winter potions
  15. Crystal glitter
  16. Ice decorations

Ice cave questline

Ice cave update logo.png

Quests about and in the dream Ice cave. Quests from Update: Ice cave.

Illus polarbearpenguins.png

Polar Bear and Friends: Look, the cave!
There is a cave behind that snowdrift! I wonder what secrets it hides. Let's find out this as soon as possible!

WARNING: Travelling to Ice cave and completing the At the entrance quest starts the Ice altar special quest which has only 3 Days to complete!

  1. At the entrance
  2. Let's break the ice!
  3. Ice!
  4. Ice statues!
  5. Ice decorations
  6. Decorations for priestess
  7. The last effort
  8. Incredible!

Special 3 day time limited quest

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