Items found in the game.

They are stored in the player's stock, where they are sorted into the categories Harvest, Materials, and Other.


Items in the Harvest category, harvested from plants. Note: some plant products are found in the Materials category.


Items in the Materials category. Sorted into contexts for easier access.

Resource items

Materials items gathered from natural resources. (Category:Resource items)

Basic resources:

Valley of Watery Mists resources:

Polar lands resources:

Caves land resources:

Desert resources:

Underwater resources:

Mystic castle resources:

Tropics resources:

Plant product items

Materials items produced by plants. (Note: some plant products are found in the Harvest category.)

Creature items

Materials items produced by creatures. (Category:Creature items)

Food items

Materials items that are food products. Many are produced in the Kitchen, Bakery, Confectionery, Chocolate Factory.

Wood, metals, minerals, and products

Materials items that are wood and tree products, as well as similar plant products.

Materials items that are metals, minerals, or their products.

Precious materials and finework:

Print media


Materials items that are textile products. Many are made in the Textile Mill.

Magic and alchemy

Materials that are and fit with magic, alchemy, and the like.

Misc materials



Worker food

Items used to feed workers.

Fill items