The Healing Spring is an income structure. It provides income.

In-game description: "Gather Healing Water from here"


Materials Reward
Healing spring stage1
Stage 1
5 Magic herbs, 125 Tree bark, 85 Brushwood
/10+38+30 Lunar crystal
300 Experience,
5000 Coin
Healing spring stage2
Stage 2
145 Mushrooms, 20 Toffee, 5 Chalk
/44+13+10 Lunar crystal
600 Experience,
8000 Coin
Healing spring stage3
Stage 3
8 Onion peels, 25 Roots, 45 Water
/8+16+23 Lunar crystal
800 Experience,
12000 Coin

Available in dream locations:


It gives Healing water, 50 Coins Coin and 1 Experience Experience with a bonus period of 30 minutes.

Quests using the structure


Plinga blurb: Certainly one of the more beautiful structures in Dreamfields, the healing spring is a glowing blue waterfall and lagoon from which you can collect healing water every half an hour, meaning that you will need to finish one before you can manufacture the elixir of life