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The geography of the game.

A dream location is a land or map. Dream areas are subdivisions of maps that can be unlocked. Individual dreams are grouped together into dream regions.

A player can reach their dreams via the respective travel structures (Wanderer's Hut, Sleigh, etc), or via the map button at the right side of the screen.

When visiting friends, their opened dreams are displayed as icons at the bottom of the screen. They are locked until the player has themselves opened the dream for themselves, allowing them to travel to their friend's same dream.

Dream regions

the Main dream

Valley of Watery Mists

the Valley of Watery Mists

Valley of Watery Mists (also: Watery Mists Valley); accessed via Wanderer's Hut

Polar lands

the Polar land

Polar lands/Polar land/Polar magic; accessed via Sleigh


the Caves

Caves land/Caves/The Dream of Caves (dream); accessed via Cave Bear's House


the Desert

Desert; accessed via Air-Balloon received as part of the Guests from the East questline

Underwater world

the Underwater world

Underwater world; accessed via Bathyscaf

Mystical castle

the Mystical castle

Mystical castle; accessed via the Magic portal and opened with the Magic Key



Tropics; accessed via Travelers ship



Mountains; accessed via Helicopter

Fairy tales

Fairy tales

Fairy tales; accessed via Fairytale portal



Middle-earth; accessed via Portal to Middle-earth



Carnival; accessed via Carnival portal

Far Galaxies

Far Galaxies

Far Galaxies; accessed via Space portal


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