The Gamekeeper is a production structure.

In-game description: "Gathers income from Animals for you. Works while you're gone"


No construction required.

Available in dream locations: Anywhere



Since the introduction of the Farm for animals, this structure is of no real use.

Plinga blurb: The Gamekeeper is one of the newer buildings in Dreamfields and is extremely useful. With it, you will be able to gather all those needed resources from animals, even when you aren't playing. The Gamekeeper walks every 4 hours to collect from all the animals, so for animals who produce in less time than that, you will still be losing out on potential income, but at least you will be getting something. Another bonus of the Gamekeeper is that it requires absolutely nothing to construct, simply a one off purchase of 180 LC and you will have it there, ready to go. The Gamekeeper has 8 empty slots, so if you have a few animals, he will be able to collect from them a couple of times during their life span or while you sleep!