Friends play a massive role in your progression through Dreamfields, you will need to call on their help regularly and they will need yours too. This page will show you the main functions of friends in Dreamfields. 

Visit a friend

Select the avatar of a friend in the friends panel at the bottom of your game and you will be transported to their dream. Once there, you may use 5 guest fantasties to perform tasks in their dream, collecting income for example. For this you are guaranteed to receive a bonus or gift from your friend: experience, coins and fantasy.

Valuable Items Chest

After using your 5 guest fantasies, you may occasionally find a chest. Normally the chests give out generous rewards of useful things such as: Coins, XP, fantasies and Collection Items

Gather resources in your friend’s dream

You can gather resources on your friend’s map such as wood, rocks, flowers, grown plants, in addition to collecting bonuses from income houses. You will get to keep all resources which you collect in your friend's dream.

Click here to visit your friends dream.png
Help in your friends dream with guest fantasy.png
Receive treasure chest after help in your friends dream.png
Help in your friends dream to get more resources.png
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