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Dreamfields (original title: Легенды снов "Legends of Dreams"; also called "Fantasy Garden") is a game by Enixan Entertainment.

It is distributed by Plinga, and other portals.

This wiki is based on the Plinga version; if version differences are noted, please state them in the articles seperately with a note as to which version they apply to.

This wikia was originally founded by Plinga, but abandoned by the founder afterwards with no note. Since then the wiki has been built by fans and players. For a guide on how to edit the wiki and article layouts, see this wiki guide.

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The game is available in the following languages:

  • Russian: Легенды снов
  • English: Dreamfields
  • German: Fantasiefelder
  • French: La Prairie des rêves
  • Polish: Świat marzeń
  • ...

.English: Dreamfields ~ Deutsch: Fantasiefelder ~ Français: La Prairie des rêves ~ Polski: Świat Marzeń ~ Русский: Легенды снов ~

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Distinct versions of the game are:

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