Caves land questline

Quests about and in the Caves / Caves land.

Caves questline

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Quests about and in the dream Caves.

Quests from Update: Caves.

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Lantern Spirit: Wind of the far journeys
Once, a warm wind has blown from the mountains, it brought the scent of wild herbs and amazing flowers. The spirit of the Lantern immediately recognized it. It's a Wind of the far journeys! It can't be confused with anything! Get ready, my friend, incredible adventures are waiting for you!

Illus forest spirit.png

Forest Spirit: Soon the Owl came with more news.
Do you know what a wonderful stranger has arrived to our land? The mysterious Cave Bear came to share his secrets with us. He has traveled a lot and knows all secret trails. Give him shelter, and he will take you to places that you've never seen before, and show many amazing things.

  1. Fire in the dark
  2. A generous host
  3. A house for the Cave Bear
  4. Little helpers
  5. A helping hand
  6. Friendship is priceless!
  7. Work in full swing!
  8. That's not all!
  9. To the Caves!
  10. Underground
  11. Something that glows underground
  12. Gemstones
  13. Underground construction
  14. Gemstone Mine
  15. Let's see how this mine works
  16. How are your friends doing?

Underground questline

Underground update logo.png

Quests from Update: Underground.

  1. Down we go.
  2. Where are they!?
  3. Great, here comes the badger!
  4. Our new helper
  5. Come both!
  6. Stalagmites
  7. Not badgers only!
  8. Mysterious Dungeon
  9. Sweet roots
  10. Building materials
  11. Very important things!
  12. Island resources
  13. The friend in need is a friend indeed
  14. Coins and gemstones
  15. Strong and calm
  16. Guest's income
  17. Underground farm
  18. Cane sugar
  19. How to make them?
  20. Call more badgers
  21. Deeper underground
  22. Brave explorers.

Making magic questline

Making magic update logo.png

Quests from Update: Making magic.

  1. Unbelievable underground world.
  2. Wonderful workshop
  3. Underground resources
  4. Reed (previously named Cane)
  5. Bat
  6. How about islands?
  7. Forgotten skills
  8. Wizard's workshop
  9. Don't worry, be happy!
  10. Rhinestone, fire and wind
  11. Elementary magic
  12. Let's create a magic Vial
  13. Your first magic item
  14. Magic lamp
  15. Crystal monument
  16. A little more resources
  17. Valuable stones
  18. Crystal and ice
  19. Breathe life into life to your creation
  20. Finishing stroke
  21. It's great to have friends!
  22. Fish eaters
  23. Underground collection

Enchanted canyon questline

Enchanted canyon update logo.png

Quests about and in the dream Enchanted canyon.

Quests from Update: Enchanted canyon.

Illus cub.png

Cub: Mysterious tunnel
Exploring the dungeon, badgers found an old abandoned passage. Perhaps if we clear and expand it, we will be able to get to some interesting unknown place.

  1. Underground magic
  2. Let's work!
  3. It's dark and scary under ground
  4. Right track
  5. Don't go alone!
  6. Downward, to the unknown
  7. Gemstone mining
  8. Priceless stones
  9. Underground plants
  10. It's time to have some fun
  11. Little assistants
  12. Huts for helpers
  13. More complicated task
  14. Exploring the Dungeon
  15. At Hermit's place
  16. Ohh, what a heat!
  17. Who wants something sweet?

Malachite grotto questline

Malachite grotto update logo.png

Caves are opening their wonders to you!

Quests from Update: Malachite grotto.

  1. Mysterious Gate
  2. So, what have we here?
  3. Joyful Lizards
  4. But it looks like the Spirit of the Lantern has already met her
  5. Malachite casket
  6. To the Master!
  7. What did the Spirit of the Lantern say
  8. Pearls and Gemstones
  9. Gemstone pond
  10. Ask your friends for help
  11. The way to the Wishing Well
  12. Featherbeds and Jewelry
  13. Chocolate for Royalty

Jeweler's decorations questline

Jeweler's decorations update logo.png

Quests from Update: Jeweler's decorations.

Illus custodian.png

Custodian: Royal whims
There is no rest from this Stone Queen. She has just calmed down but again revert to her old ways! She is asking for jewelry. So, shall we please her?

  1. Copper accessories
  2. Jeweler's workshop
  3. Building materials
  4. The beautiful building for beautiful goods
  5. Stock material for the Finger-ring
  6. Tasteful decorations
  7. Not from nothing
  8. Full complement
  9. Royal present
  10. Stone casket
  11. Gemstones are never too much!
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