For another thing of the same name, see Bear-diver (decoration).

The Bear-diver is a structure. It opens the way to the dream Deep trench.

In-game description: "Show the way to another Dream"


Materials Reward
Bear-diver stage1.png
Stage 1
2 Spell of water, 5 Underwater mask, 5 Paddles
/6+10+10 Lunar crystal.png
50 Experience.png,
3000 Coin.png
Bear-diver stage2.png
Stage 2
15 Underwater pearl, 5 Sea diamond, 4 Air tanks
/30+10+8 Lunar crystal.png
75 Experience.png,
8000 Coin.png
Bear-diver stage3.png
Stage 3
15 Underwater crystals, 3 Underwater lily, 7 Diver suit
/30+6+21 Lunar crystal.png
100 Experience.png,
12000 Coin.png

Available in dream locations: Sand bottom


It opens the way to the dream Deep trench.

Quests using the structure


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