The Air-Balloon is a structure. It enables travel to dream locations in the Desert.

In-game description: Will be available after completing the tasks "Don't put it in the box" and "Congratulations!" from the Book update


  • after placement: 5 Pickaxe to disassemble
Materials Reward
Air-balloon stage1.png
Stage 1
12 Sand, 16 Boards, 20 Rope
/24+32+40 Lunar crystal.png
100 Experience.png,
1000 Coin.png
Air-balloon stage2.png
Stage 2
15 Glue, 10 Compass, 15 Heat
/30+20+30 Lunar crystal.png
200 Experience.png,
1000 Coin.png
Air-balloon stage3.png
Stage 3
8 Fabric, 60 Wind, 20 Blue paint
/16+120+40 Lunar crystal.png
300 Experience.png,
1000 Coin.png

Available in dream locations:


Enables travel to the Desert lands

Quests using the structure


From Plinga: "I dont know, how to get the air balloon. - The player can get the Air-balloon not only after completing some quests, but for the finishing several updates. There are several branches of quests in the game.

The Air-balloon is the reward for completing the first quest from the "Guests from the East" update, and after completing this quest it will be sent into the Stock.

First of all the player should finish the tutorial step by step. Then the player may start to complete different tasks to wake up the Custodian. This dream is called the Wind of Change.

The quests on preparing different sweets, cakes and pastries are the third line of quests that should be finished. All this means that you should complete Big Harvest and The Confectioner updates, and then you begin to print a real book, and this is already the Book update. The quest with the Air-balloon as a reward will be available after finishing the tasks "Don't put it in the box" and "Congratulations!" from the Book update.

When all these lines of quests are completed, the update Guests from the East will start, and the player can get the Air-balloon."

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